• MobiusCalc

    Export the Plan, Structures, Dose and CT DICOM files from your TPS to Mobius3D. In minutes, an email alerts you if any issues were found in each of the four verified areas: Target coverage dose, DVH l...
  • MobiusFX

    IMRT/VMAT QA: Deliver patient’s plan without setting up a measurement device/phantom or deploying an imaging system. Mobius3D automatically captures log files from the treatment machine containing the...
  • MobiusCB

    After applying the determined shifts from the acquired cone-beam CT, Mobius3D automatically captures the CBCT data set, and within 60 seconds, performs a quantitative gamma evaluation of the registere...

Built from the ground up to segregate errors, Mobius3D preforms effective dose verification and IMRT/VMAT and treatment delivery QA. Mobius3D verifies every patient, every plan, and every fraction in 3D to provide several layers of error protection:

  • Machine QA (DoseLab)
  • 3D Patient Plan QA
  • 3D IMRT/VMAT Pre-treatment QA
  • 3D In vivo daily treatment QA
  • Online patient positioning QA

At the heart of Mobius3D we find a proprietary collapsed-cone, convolution-superposition dose calculation engine that has proven extremely accurate. With a completely automated workflow and intuitive web application, Mobius3D has emerged as one of the most advanced patient safety systems available in radiation therapy.