Fiducial Markers

  • Gold Anchor™- Fine Needle Marker

      Gold AnchorTM is a high precision fiducial marker with superior tissue attachment, less artifacts and low impact on dose distribution. It comes preloaded in 25G and 22G needles (the thinnest on the...
  • PolyMark™

    PolyMark are the first polymer-based markers. These markers are ideal for kV based IGRT. There is virtually no CT artifact and they are visible in MR. The PolyMark has a spiral-cut surface to...
  • SureLock™

    The SureLockTM Marker was designed with two critical features. First is a unique non-migrating shape and the second goal was to produce an easily definable central point. They are available...
  • FlexiMarc™

    FlexiMarcTM is the first node-based implanted marker. They are designed specifically to produce an image that is easily recognized by the human eye and IGRT software. These markers are fabricated of...
  • FlexiMarc G/T ™

    Based on the same principles established with the FlexiMarcTM the new FlexiMarc G/TTM uses a radiolucent titanium conector as opposed to the traditional gold conector found in the FlexiMarcTM. + info
  • FlexiCoil™

    FlexiCoil Markers were designed with the same advantages as FlexiMarc but the nodes are placed inside a pure gold coil. These nodes provide clearly definable endpoints for this flexible marker. + info
  • FusionCoil™

    The first of its kind, a point or linear marker designed to image as well in MR as it does in CT. The FusionCoilTM also appears in all current IGRT solutions, MV and kV alike. This coil is...
  • PointCoil™

    PointCoilTM markers are optimal in situations where the end user requires a single point. They are fabricated of a 5mm gold coil with one single central node. + info
  • Knurled™

    Cylinder markers which are made of pure gold with specially knurled format to inhibit migration. They are 3mm long and 1.0 or 1.2mm in diameter. Available in sterilized preloaded needles specially...

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