• Head Support

    Klarity Prone Head Support Lateral Head Support Silverman Head Support + info
  • AccuCushions™ Accessories

    Klarity offers straps and a shell mold as a position aid for AccuCushions. The cleanable strap set can be used by a single therapist as a positioning tool. The Shell molds are excellent for creating...
  • Indexing Bars

    Klarity offers indexing bars to fit a variety of couches, baseplates, and overlays. Please see reference page for specific indexing bar compatibility. + info
  • Klarity EZ Bolus™

    Available in sheets and pellet form, Klarity EZ Bolus™ is designed as an aid for skin sparing and treating irregular contours or locations. After heating to about 150˚F (65˚C), EZ Bolus is simple to...
  • Bolx™ Bolus

    Bolx I and Bolx II are tissue-equivalent flexible build up materials. Both are designed to increase the surface dose and offer excellent conformity to body contours.Both Bolx I and II are made of a...
  • Trio™

    Klarity Trio™ is a 3-layer positioning aid, offering a unique and versatile pad and strap support system for patient positioning. Patented Trio™ gives therapists a welcome “third hand” for...

Klarity offers a variety of accessories and aids to meets the needs of therapists in treating patients with custom care.