• ImSimQA™ Base Module

    ImSimQA™ base module is the underlying software to which optional modules can be added. This module includes a virtual phantom library, manipulation of DICOM-3 images and the creation of new DICOM...
  • ImSimQA4d

    Create 4D image series of phantoms quickly and effortlessly, using the 4D Phase Wizard. Create multiple phases of whole phantoms or individual phantom structures. Export newly created DICOM image...
  • ImSimQAdform

    Create and apply local or global deformations to virtual or real image structures. Test your image fusion software. Assess the accuracy and precision of any available deformable image registration...
  • ImSimQAcontour

    ImSimQAcontour compares and analyses pairs of imported contours from radiation therapy applications. Based on qualitative visualization and quantifiable metrics, this module has been designed to...

This is a unique software, developed in response to the limitations of hard phantoms for testing modern radiation therapy and imaging software systems.
ImSimQA provides extensive tools for generating infinite test image data, from any imported DICOM-3 images and from virtual phantoms. Transformations, deformations and DICOM editing can be applied, and quantifiable analyses can be run on the results re-imported from clinical systems.
ImSimQA software was used to generate the phantoms for the AAPM Task Group 132 (TG-132) report and can be used to extend the number of phantoms used for deformable image QA.

Clinical applications that can be tested using ImSimQA

  • Deformable image QA;
  • Image registration QA;
  • Auto contouring algorithms;
  • Adaptive RT;
  • 4D imaging and planning;
  • 3D margin growing, DRR accuracy and structure bifurcations