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  • Hygrometer PCE-555BT

    Hygrometer PCE-555BT

    With this hygrometer you can determine the ambient temperature and humidity, the dew point and the wet bulb temperature.


    • Bluetooth interface for Android and iOS
    • Ambient temperature measurement up to 60 °C (accuracy of ±0.5ºC)
    • LCD
    • Measurement of ambient humidity up to 100% ( accuracy of ±3.5% H.r.)
    • MIN / MAX / HOLD functions
    • Automatic disconnection
    • Wet bulb temperature measurement
    • Dew point measurement


  • Hygrometer PCE-DPM 3

    Hygrometer PCE-DPM 3

    The hygrometer is a mobile device for monitoring the compressed air quality in stationary and mobile compressed air generators. 

    The values are stored in the internal memory, and it is possible to connect the Hygrometer to a computer through the micro-USB interface. Data is stored in CSV format, allowing data to be downloaded to a calculation table.


    • Data memory with CSV export
    • Dew point, H2O, temperature, humidity
    • For measuring in pressure pipes
    • Accumulator for mobile use
    • With G 1/2" connection thread
    • Temperature: -10 to 60 °C
    • Relative humidity: 0 to 100 %
    • H2O: 40 to 20,000 ppm


  • Thermohygrometer PCE-330

    Thermohygrometer PCE-330

    The precision hygrometer allows a quick measurement of ambient temperature and humidity and calculates the dew point. 


    • High precision
    • Possibility of communication with a PC
    • Compact dimensions
    • Dew point measurement
    • Large memory (16,000 values)
    • Software included
    • Immediate measurement
    • MAX/MIN/HOLD functions
    • Screen with backlight

    195180metro pce 330 5936068 1417378


  • Thermohygrometer PCE-555

    Thermohygrometer PCE-555

    This high-precision thermo-hygrometer is compact and lightweight.


    • Simultaneous indication of temperature and humidity
    • Dew point and wet bulb temperature calculation
    • Fast response time
    • Automatic disconnection
    • Backlighting
    • Registration of maximum values


  • Thermometer PCE-G 2

    Thermometer PCE-G 2

    Thermometer in display format can be installed mainly in warehouses, collective offices, educational centers, among others.


    • Measures air temperature and humidity
    • It allows to adjust the alarm level
    • Wall mounting
    • Power: 230 V AC
    • Size of digits: 55 mm
    • Visual range of up to 30 m
    • External sensor connected by cable

    pce instruments termômetro pce g 2 5951954 1563571


  • Thermohygrometer PCE-HVAC 3S

    Thermohygrometer PCE-HVAC 3S

    Is a multifunctional diagnostic equipment that, through the integrated sensor, allows controlling the environmental values. In addition to carrying out sporadic measurements, it is also possible to carry out a follow-up over an extended period.


    • Measurement of dew point and wet bulb temperature
    • Ergonomic material
    • One-hand handling
    • Backlighting
    • Indication of extreme values and HOLD
    • Auto disconnect (enable/disable)
    • Tripod mounting is possible


  • Thermohygrometer PCE-PTH 10

    Thermohygrometer PCE-PTH 10

    This thermo-hygrometer is a device for measuring temperature and relative humidity. 

    In addition to the normal measurement mode, it also has the MIN/MAX values function. The low absorbed power of just <10 µA ensures long battery life.


    • Temperature: measuring range -10 to +50 °C
    • Humidity: measuring range 20 to 90 % H.r.
    • Different measurement functions
    • Temperature and humidity sensor
    • Low absorbed power
    • Units: ºC and ºF

    pce instruments termohigrômetro pce pth 10 5961551 1674150


  • Thermohygrometer PCE-THB 40

    Thermohygrometer PCE-THB 40

    The thermohygrometer detects ambient temperature and humidity, as well as barometric pressure, and records the values on an SD card. It is ideal for long-term records in the food sector and in industry immediately whether the cold chain has been broken, and if so, for how long.


    • Measures temperature, humidity, barometric pressure
    • Memory with the possibility of recording in real time with a memory card (1 to 16 GB)
    • Stored data is saved directly in Excel format on the SD card
    • Selection of pressure units: hPa, mmHg and inHg
    • Low battery status indication
    • Large LCD screen
    • Measurement quota adjustment
    • Sturdy box
    • Optional software for real-time transfer of data to PC or notebook (no software required for viewing stored data)


  • Thermohygrometer PCE-THD 50

    Thermohygrometer PCE-THD 50

    The thermohygrometer is the ideal instrument for checking the climatic conditions in warehouses, manufacturing rooms or greenhouses. The thermo-hygrometer quickly and accurately measures temperature (-20 to +60 °C) and ambient humidity. Additionally, it is possible to connect a type K thermocouple to the thermohygrometer to measure temperatures in a range between -100 to 1372 ºC.

    The thermo-hygrometer integrates a 3.7 V Li-Ion battery that allows the device to be used as a mobile device. 


    • Temperature, Humidity, Dewpoint, wet bulb
    • Backlit LCD
    • Micro USB interface
    • Rechargable battery
    • Memory for 32,000 values
    • Optional: ISO calibration certificate

    pce instruments termohigrômetro pce thd 50 5990474 1877556


  • Thermometer PCE-675

    Thermometer PCE-675

    The digital thermometer has a 13:1 point-to-point ratio and can accurately measure surface temperature and ambient humidity over a long distance.


    • Fast measurement sequence
    • Adjustable emissivity degrees: 0.1 and 1.0
    • Automatic disconnection
    • Red laser pointer
    • Flashlight
    • Unit selectable between °C and °F
    • Different types of adjustment
    • Battery powered
    • Robust and compact construction


  • Thermometer PCE-IRT 10

    Thermometer PCE-IRT 10

    This thermometer was developed on a fixed installation side.

    The infrared sensor is mounted at a 90° angle, allowing the thermometer to be directly connected to the most diverse equipment, so that they are more easily monitored.


    • Range: 0 to +600°C
    • Radiant output 4 to 20 mA
    • Voltage: 12 – 24 V DC
    • Simple assembly and use
    • Response time: 150 ms
    • Connection cable: 1 m
    • Emissivity: 0.1 - 1,000
    • Stainless steel
    • IP65


  • Thermometer PCE-T312N

    Thermometer PCE-T312N

    Considering the compact size and battery operation, this digital thermometer it is considered a mobile device and is therefore ideal for the air conditioning, production and storage sectors, food, agriculture, chemistry and industry.


    • Thermometer with double input for thermoelements
    • Temperature range: -210 to +1372 °C
    • Direct measurement / differential measurement (T1-T2)
    • Electronic zero-point offset
    • Units: °C, °F or Kelvin (K)
    • Automatic disconnection after 20 minutes of inactivity

    pce instruments termômetro pce t312n 5929555 1365573


  • Thermo Hygrometer PCE-CMM 8

    Thermo Hygrometer PCE-CMM 8

    The Thermo Hygrometer measures CO2 concentration, ambient temperature and humidity. The CO2 value changes color to tell you the air quality based on the concentration of carbon dioxide. This makes it much easier to interpret the air quality value. Because of this, this is an ideal device for offices, educational centers, public buildings, or hospitals; in fact, it is suitable for any building where people are present.


    • Thermo Hygrometer for tabletop operation
    • Traffic light function when the limit value is exceeded
    • Backlit touch-sensitive display
    • Numeric CO2 indication
    • Progress display for °C, r.h., CO2
    • USB powered
    • Maintenance-free NDIR CO2 sensor
    • Temperature range: -10 to +50 ºC
    • Relative humidity range: 20 to 95% R.H.
    • CO2 range: up to 9999 ppm
    • Innovative design
    • Measuring range up to 9999 ppm CO2


  • Thermo-Hygrometer - PDF data logger PCE-HT 72

    Thermo-Hygrometer - PDF data logger PCE-HT 72

    Device that measures and records the ambient temperature and humidity. It is especially suitable for cases where the user cannot install the software for reading data as it automatically generates a pdf report that you can print or save. The data logger stores data in memory until it is completed or when a new measurement is started via the software.


    • 20,010 sets of measured values ​​can be stored
    • Readable without software
    • LCD Display
    • Min-Max memory
    • Compact dimensions
    • Memory for 20010 values
    • Possibility to export data in CSV format

    PCE HT 72 user


  • Thermo Hygrometer and Barometer PCE-THB 38

    Thermo Hygrometer and Barometer PCE-THB 38

    It is a complete climatological device. It is shipped from the manufacturer already calibrated. Otherwise, a laboratory calibration and certificate can be ordered which meets ISO calibration standards.


    • Measures temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure
    • Calculates the dew point
    • Measures temperature with an RTD sensor
    • Measures air humidity with a highly repeatable capacitive sensor
    • High measurement accuracy
    • Selection of pressure units: hPa, (mbar), mmHg and inHg
    • Selectable pressure units: hPa, (mbar), mmHg and inHg
    • Low battery status indicator
    • Min / max / HOLD functions
    • Well-protected internal sensor
    • Light and easy to use


  • Thermometer PCE-HPT 1

    Thermometer PCE-HPT 1

    The thermometer with microprocessor is a high precision 1-channel temperature gauge. This thermometer is ideal for use with various Pt100 sensors. Due to the fact that it uses 4-wire technology, it has a very fast response time and precision. The easy to use thermometer with the microprocessor allow a simple assessment and see the values of a real-time measurement.


    • 1-channel temperature recorder
    • Automatic shutdown
    • High accuracy
    • Backlight
    • Software included
    • Internal data logger
    • Internal clock
    • Class A, 4-wire Pt100 sensor
    • Data-hold function
    • Selectable units (°C / °F)
    • Temperature range -100 to 400 ºC / -148 ... 752 ºF.


  • Climate Meter PCE-EM 890

    Climate Meter PCE-EM 890

    The PCE-EM 890 is an instrument for measuring environmental conditions.

    The climate meter gives you an accurate measurement very quickly. Due to the small dimensions and the low weight, is an easy-to-use information system. It is possible to switch between the measuring functions with just one push of a button. 

    Measurement functions:

    • Humidity / temperature
    • UV
    • Air pressure
    • Volume flow
    • Dew point
    • Wet bulb temperature
    • Windchill
    • Heat stress index
    • Height above sea level
    • External temperature over Pt1000

    Sensor de temperatura Pt 1000 PCE EM 890 TP copy

    Pt1000 Temperature Probe (Ref: PCE-EM 890-TP)

    Needle sensor / stainless steel

    Measuring range: -10 ... 100 °C

    Temperature sensor: Pt 1000 Ohm

    Needle dimensions: W 110 mm x D 4 mm

    Handle dimensions: W 60 mm x D 12 mm