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Transfer System

  • Patient Positioning and Transfer System

    Patient Positioning and Transfer System

    The Patient Positioning and Transfer System for Brachytherapy allows to transport the patient between rooms during the Brachytherapy treatment, without compromising the positioning. This device was designed with patient comfort in mind and the easy use for professionals. It has incorporated a device for fixing any type of Brachytherapy applicator, making it a multi-functional and multi-modality device.

    Product features:

    Compatible with MRI

    • Electrical control system is well encased and shielded to ensure MR compatibility
    • Fiberglass transfer base and leg supports
    • Image quality is not affected by any of the system components

    Safe and Reliable

    • Transfer devices can be locked to ensure patient safety
    • Electric Elevation (62-87cm)
    • Easy travel to perform by a single person
    • Secured on CT / MR table with compatible transfer accessories respectively

    Patient Centered Design

    • Opening under treatment area allows medical waste to go directly into the disposal bag
    • An IV pole can be installed on both sides of the system
    • The transfer system comes with hooks on both sides for hanging trash and other bags

    Easy and Practical

    • Leg rest - Adjustable tilt angle/Adjustable height/Adjustable open angle between 0º and 102º.
    • Applicator Clamping Device - can be used with different afterloaders that can be fixed in any direction and maintain position during transfer and treatment.

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    34 Klarity Patient Transfer System for Brachyt video