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Monthly QA

  • PIPSpro Software

    PIPSpro Software

    TG-142 imaging and machine QA procedures in a single, intuitive platform. PIPSpro provides a comprehensive, quantitative analysis of your imager and linac, easing the implementation of TG-142. The latest version of PIPSpro includes a new MLC leaf speed module that allows the user to calculate quantitative leaf speed loss, as required by TG-142.

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  • QA Pilot

    QA Pilot

    QA Pilot’s cloud-based platform gives you access to your QA without manual spreadsheets or multiple programs. Data from the QA BeamChecker Plus is automatically uploaded to your daily file for each machine.

    • TG-142 Streamlined
      Access and manage all of your QA reporting in real time from one secure, unified location anywhere internet is available. Collect, compare, report, analyze and share data from a number of linacs, systems and users on any web-capable device.
      Also compatible with TomoTherapy, CyberKnife and Gamma Knife.

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  • QA CrossChecker

    QA CrossChecker

    QA CrossChecker provides the perfect solution for beam and machine verification - without the hassle of large phantoms. Coupled with powerful software, the QA CrossChecker is accurate to within 0.5% of a traditional water phantom, making it the easiest way to verify beam output.

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