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Automation and Independent Checks

  • EZ Fluence

    EZ Fluence

    Automated 3D Planning
    EZFluence generates optimal fluence files and field-in-field plans that import directly into Varian Eclipse TPS and it works for any beam arrangement and any treatment site from head to toe. It standardizes field-in-field planning regardless of user while maintaining or improving plan quality compared to manual techniques

    • Any Site, Any Configuration
    • IMRT/VMAT to 3D Plan Conversion
    • Breast Planning
      • 3 & 4 Field Breast Planning
      • Simultaneous Integrated Boost
    • Lung Planning
    • Pelvis Planning
    • Whole Brain Field-in-Field
    • Extremeties & More:
      • Larynx
      • Shoulder
      • Hips
      • Ribs
      • APPA Spin

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  • Clear Check

    Clear Check

    Automate your plan evaluation workflow
    ClearCheck ensures the highest quality treatment plans and helps clinics save time with in-depth plan checks, quick plan comparison, and instant documentation.

    • Seamless Eclipse™ Integration
    • One-Click Printing
    • Dose Constraints evaluation with BED and EQD2 doses
    • Structure Checks
    • Plan Checks
    • Prescription Checks
    • Collision Checks

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  • Clear Calc

    Clear Calc

    Independent calculation software
    Independent plan calculations can be a time consuming and error prone process as radiation oncology grows in complexity. ClearCalc efficiently validates plan accuracy. Eclipse users save time with direct plan import—eliminating the need to import/export plan data, and those without Eclipse can export DICOM files with the standalone option.

    • Integrated automation
    • Photon (Including support for 3DCRT, IMRT, VMAT, SBRT, SRS and virtual wedges)
    • Brachytherapy
    • Electron

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