Klarity offers a variety of accessories and aids to meets the needs of therapists in treating patients with custom care.


  • Klarity EasyBite™ Bite Block

    Klarity EasyBite™ Bite Block

    The Bite Block is a simple device used for conforming the teeth and provides stability inside the thermoplastic mask. The Bite Block is a one-per-patient medical device used above the thermoplastic mask, so it can’t be removed.

    The dual airway allows the patient's to breathe easily and can be used for SRS immobilization along with a mask and an AccuCushion to provide comfort to the patient.


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  • Klarity BiteLok™

    Klarity BiteLok™

    The Klarity BiteLok™ is an innovative solution for simple positioning of the teeth and tongue (as it can deviate it from de treatment field.)

    The Klarity BiteLok™ is a one-per-patient medical device used under the thermoplastic mask as an aid for positioning the teeth and tongue for radiation therapy treatment. The size of the BiteLok allows it to fit to the patient mouth size and offers an open airway for an optimal comfort. The BiteLok is custom molded to the patient’s dental anatomy as well as the thermoplastic mask, allowing for accurate reproducibility.
    The BiteLok and its optional attachments - tongue depressors and tongue diverters - can be easily removed from the mask for cleaning and disinfection.

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  • Freedom™ Compression Belt

    Freedom™ Compression Belt

    The Freedom abdominal compressor™ is an easy-to-use pneumatic system for controlling tumor movement while maintaining patient comfort.

    It is available in 3 sizes.

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  • Klarity EZ Bolus™

    Klarity EZ Bolus™

    Available in sheets and pellet form, Klarity EZ Bolus™ is designed as an aid for skin sparing and treating irregular contours or locations. After heating to about 150˚F (65˚C), EZ Bolus is simple to manipulate and shape by hand, ideal for eliminating air gaps. Dosimetric properties are the same as conventional mask thermoplastics.

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  • Bolx™ Bolus

    Bolx™ Bolus

    Bolx I and Bolx II are tissue-equivalent flexible build up materials. Both are designed to increase the surface dose and offer excellent conformity to body contours.
    Both Bolx I and II are made of a cured transparent gel. Bolx I is encased in a layer of polyurethane skin. Bolx II is skinless and intended for single-patient use.

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  • Klarity AirFlow™

    Klarity AirFlow™

    The Klarity AirFlow™ Oven heats up in 6 minutes, and can be used with all standard thermoplastics. Non-stick Teflon racks allows masks to be placed directly on the rack for easy preparation. A simple interface automatically sets the oven to 75˚C, and can be manually adjusted as well. The oven will automatically shut off after 20 minutes of non-use. The AirFlow Oven heats the masks in 3-5 minutes and is the fastest oven available today.
    Thermoplastics come out of the oven completely dry and ready to be formed. Klarity ovens remove unnecessary patient discomfort caused by water, allowing a better care experience for patients


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  • Head Support

    Head Support

    We have different types of head supports available, for different applications, including prone lateral decubitus support, acrylic or foam silverman supports, among others...

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