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Absolute Dosimetry

  • DoseView 3D

    DoseView 3D

    The DoseView 3D is a 3-axis water scanning phantom that fuses robust hardware with easy-to-use software for superior beam commissioning and quality assurance measurements.

    Setup is simple, fast and repeatable with the DoseView 3D. A wireless pendant and fiducials on the tank allow for quick coarse positioning and auto-fill capacity allows users to install detectors while the tank is filling.

    The DoseView 3D acquires both depth dose and profile data in a single operation. All scan data is saved in real-time in case a beam needs to be shutoff.

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  • Exradin D1H & D1V Diode Detectors

    Exradin D1H & D1V Diode Detectors

    Maximize signal and spatial resolution and minimize angular dependence for consistent, accurate small-field stereotactic measurements.

    • The D1V's diode face is perpendicular to the beam when upright, making it ideal for photon scanning applications and use in water phantoms and the Lucy 3D QA Phantom.

    • The D1H's diode face is perpendicular to the beam when flat, for use inside traditional solid phantoms.

    • Both diodes provide superior measurement of field sizes up to 20 x 20 cm2 with excellent spatial resolution and minimal noise.

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  • DoseView 1D

    DoseView 1D

    Easily acquire depth-dose measurements in an intuitive, TG-51 and TRS-398 compliant 1D water scanning system.

    • 0.05 mm Accuracy for Consistent QA
    • Automatic, customizable data collection with DoseView 1D Software

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  • SuperMAX Electrometer

    SuperMAX Electrometer

    The SuperMAX combines highly accurate, reference grade measurements, with a revolutionary touchscreen interface and a host of advanced measurement features. Support TG-51 and TRS-398 dosimetry protocols, while quickly acquiring multiple point dose measurements without re-zeroing.

    • Two Independent Measurement Channels
    • Built-In Detector Library
    • Easy-to-Use Interface
    • Store Data Collection
    • Exradin W1 Scintillator Integration

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