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Annual QA

  • DoseView 3D

    DoseView 3D

    The DoseView 3D is a 3-axis water scanning phantom that fuses robust hardware with easy-to-use software for superior beam commissioning and quality assurance measurements.

    Setup is simple, fast and repeatable with the DoseView 3D. A wireless pendant and fiducials on the tank allow for quick coarse positioning and auto-fill capacity allows users to install detectors while the tank is filling.

    The DoseView 3D acquires both depth dose and profile data in a single operation. All scan data is saved in real-time in case a beam needs to be shutoff.

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  • Exradin D1H & D1V Diode Detectors

    Exradin D1H & D1V Diode Detectors

    Maximize signal and spatial resolution and minimize angular dependence for consistent, accurate small-field stereotactic measurements.

    • The D1V's diode face is perpendicular to the beam when upright, making it ideal for photon scanning applications and use in water phantoms and the Lucy 3D QA Phantom.
    • The D1H's diode face is perpendicular to the beam when flat, for use inside traditional solid phantoms.
    • Both diodes provide superior measurement of field sizes up to 20 x 20 cm2 with excellent spatial resolution and minimal noise.

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  • Exradin Scintillators W2

    Exradin Scintillators W2

    Does not perturb small field dose distributions when it’s placed in the beam, so you can measure small fields with greater accuracy – ideal for SRS.

    The scintillator system features Čerenkov corrections that are built into the MAX SD, a dedicated optical detection and signal processing unit that comes with the scintillator. Point measurements can be performed directly with the W2 and MAX SD. Corrected measurements can also be converted to a proportional analog output that can be read by any electrometer. This functionality enables the W2 system to be connected to a water phantom for scanning measurements.

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  • QA Pilot

    QA Pilot

    QA Pilot’s cloud-based platform gives you access to your QA without manual spreadsheets or multiple programs. Data from the QA BeamChecker Plus is automatically uploaded to your daily file for each machine.

    • TG-142 Streamlined
      Access and manage all of your QA reporting in real time from one secure, unified location anywhere internet is available. Collect, compare, report, analyze and share data from a number of linacs, systems and users on any web-capable device.
      Also compatible with TomoTherapy, CyberKnife and Gamma Knife.

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    8 QA Pilot with PIPSpro AutoPilot video