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Head and Neck

  • Freedom – Main Module

    Freedom – Main Module

    This is the main module and the basis of the FreedomX System™. At 1.7 kg, this low density baseplate weighs less than a bag of sugar, but is as strong as steel. Compatible with all treatment couches, the FreedomX base™ is a true precision-centered patient positioning system.

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  • Freedom - Shoulder-Tech

    Freedom - Shoulder-Tech

    Improves the performance of the Freedom System by providing superior patient comfort with the addition of shoulder support.

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  • Freedom – Mask Stabilization

    Freedom – Mask Stabilization

    The Mask Stabilization Module is an optional complement that provides additional rigidity and stabilization. This system connects directly to the immobilization mask and eliminates the need for an invasive Bite Block system as a means of improving patient immobilization.

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  • Freedom - Intuition Click™

    Freedom - Intuition Click™

    Positioning for Head, Cervical and Shoulders, of high precision, noninvasive and with air equivalent attenuation.
    Ensures a much higher level of accuracy when compared to the use of posterior/anterior masks, bite blocks or invasive systems, while maintaining patient comfort, unlike invasive systems. The Intuition Click base™ is the most innovative high-precision immobilization system for SRS and Head and Shoulders on the market.

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  • Supine and Prone Module for Freedom™ Overlay

    Supine and Prone Module for Freedom™ Overlay

    System for supine or prone immobilization, using a double mask system. Compatible with SRS techniques.

    Allows for localized adjustment of the cervical curvature in increments of 5°, between +20° and -20°.

    Indexable on the Freedom overlay.


    Freedom Supine 2


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  • Optek™ Overlay Board

    Optek™ Overlay Board

    The Optek™ Overlay Board provides the highest degree of stability for head, neck, and shoulders. The system is ideal for IMRT and conformal treatments in a 360º arc as the adjustable hand grips assist with shoulder retraction. Dual-configured for adult and pediatric treatments, the Optek™ board is extremely lightweight and compatible with all S-Type masks.

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  • Duo Align™ System

    Duo Align™ System

    The Duo Align™ system is a unique patient positioning board that offers treatment options for head, head&shoulder, pelvic and full body support. Made of strong and durable carbon fiber, it is lightweight, fully indexable, and compatible with all U-Frame and O-Type masks. Additionally it can be purchased as individual pieces, or as a complete All-In-One system.

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    16 Klarity Duo Align Full Body System video