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SRS, SRT & SBRT System

  • Freedom™ System

    Freedom™ System

    Positioning for Head, Cervical and Shoulders, of high precision, noninvasive and with air equivalent attenuation.
    High-precision positioning system, noninvasive and modular - adaptable to multiple treatment modalities: SRS; SBRT and Column. The Freedom™ System is compatible with all CT and treatment tables and an RM-compliant option is also available.

    The most complete and comprehensive set of this system includes:

    • Head and head and shoulders baseplate, weighing less than 1.7Kg and low density (1).
    • Shoulder retractor (9).
    • Hand indexer (shoulder extender) (4, 5, 6 and 7).
    • Cervical and shoulder support customization system - Intuition Click (7).
    • Indexable bridge for abdominal compression (2).
    • Indexable bridge for lateralization - column/hip alignment (3).
    • Abdominal compression belt.
    • Knee positioning module (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).
    • Foot positioning module (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).
    • Module for arms up positioning (2 and 3).
    • Indexation for vacuum cushions.

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  • Intuition Click™

    Intuition Click™

    Positioning for Head, Cervical and Shoulders, of high precision, noninvasive and with air equivalent attenuation.
    Ensures a much higher level of accuracy when compared to the use of posterior/anterior masks, bite blocks or invasive systems, while maintaining patient comfort, unlike invasive systems. The Intuition Click base™ is the most innovative high-precision immobilization system for SRS and Head and Shoulders on the market.

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  • Supine and Prone Module for Freedom™ Overlay

    Supine and Prone Module for Freedom™ Overlay

    System for supine or prone immobilization, using a double mask system. Compatible with SRS techniques.

    Allows for localized adjustment of the cervical curvature in increments of 5°, between +20° and -20°.

    Indexable on the Freedom overlay.


    Freedom Supine 2


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  • Freedom™ 6 Couch Extensions

    Freedom™ 6 Couch Extensions

    This couch extension provides a rigid and extremely lightweight platform for 360° head and shoulder treatment without obstructions.
    Includes an integrated pitch and roll adjustment. Compatible with all treatment tables, this extension provides an additional level of accuracy, allowing the adjustment of head positioning in 6 degrees of freedom based on CBCT image verification and/or optical surface guidance.

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  • Freedom™ Compression Belts

    Freedom™ Compression Belts

    Freedom™ Compression belts are available in 3 sizes and are an easy to use pneumatic abdominal compression system for managing movement of tumor motion while maintaining maximum comfort for the patient.

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  • Freedom™ Power Wedge

    Freedom™ Power Wedge

    Not all patients can tolerate a flat position. The PowerWEDGE provides enhanced comfort as well as an improved anatomical setup position to the proven FreedomX™.
    As a FreedomX™ module it can be used with virtually any supine arms up or arms down patient positioning and immobilization setup including Breast, Head and Neck, Thorax, Lung, Spine, SRS, SBRT, IGRT, Palliative and COPD patients. The PowerWEDGE is compatible with all imaging modalities and indexes directly to any treatment couch while providing greater comfort for standard treatments to the most complex high precision patient setups. It is light weight and easy to use.

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  • Sistema SBRT

    Sistema SBRT

    Simples de usar, altamente indexável e facilmente ajustável.
    A base de SBRT permite indexação no topo da mesa de tratamento em duas posições, os limites recortados permitem que as pontes da barriga e do joelho sejam fixadas na melhor posição para o paciente. A altura das pontes da barriga e do joelho pode ser ajustada rapidamente, e travam e destravam-se facilmente.
    O Sistema SBRT também está equipado com um sistema de compressão abdominal ergonómico, desenhado para maximizar o conforto do paciente sem comprometer a imobilização necessária.

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