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  • SaBella Flex

    SaBella Flex

    The SaBella Flex System ensures high accuracy in breast and lung positioning.

    The patented DualAxis™ design allows for a greater variety of positioning, making Sabella Flex the most versatile system available.

    • Two angulation axes for thoracic stability and patient comfort:
      • Primary angulation axis (elevation between 0, 10, 15 and 20 degrees).
      • The secondary angulation axis allows positioning of the chest/breast in hyper- or hypo-extension.
    • Multiple indexing for head and neck support facilitates personalized positioning.
    • Lateral millimetric scale
  • SaBella Flex with Arm Cup Module

    SaBella Flex with Arm Cup Module

    Arm Cup module with several degrees of rotation and elevation of the arms:

    • Customizable configuration ensures patient comfort and consequent positioning reproducibility.
    •  Arm elevation and rotation allows for proper positioning for each patient.
    •  Leg support enhances comfort.



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    • Vacuum Lock Module
    • Thoracic mask module
    • Head and Neck Mask Module
    • Gel Donut Module



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  • WingSpan™


    The Klarity WingSpan™ Baseplate features secure arm support for upper body treatment and diagnostic procedures. The Klarity WingSpan™ Baseplate comes with T-Hand Grips, and can be easily used with a vacuum bag for secure customizable support. It is comfortable and lightweight, and allows for easy transporting, indexing, and re-positioning, with low attenuation.

    The Klarity WingSpan™ Baseplate can be used alone, or with the Klarity Supine Breast System and the Klarity SBRT System.

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  • Duo Align™ System

    Duo Align™ System

    The Duo Align™ system is a unique patient positioning board that offers treatment options for head, head&shoulder, pelvic and full body support. Made of strong and durable carbon fiber, it is lightweight, fully indexable, and compatible with all U-Frame and O-Type masks.

    Additionally it can be purchased as individual pieces, or as a complete All-In-One system.

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