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  • QUART Nonius

    QUART Nonius

    The QUART Nonius is an easy-to-use and very sophisticated measuring instrument to verify size and geometrical properties of x-ray fields. It can also be used to analyse characteristics of fanned x-ray beams as used in CT or dental panoramic x-ray (OPG).

    The QUART Nonius is incredibly flexible and its precision is an absolute strong point – as it achieves a resolution in the socalled nonius range of 0.1 mm.

    Recent studies have proven that QUART Nonius can also be used for field measurement in radiation therapy applications.


    • Accuracy / Resolution: +/- 0.1 mm
    • Exposure Threshold: Dose = 100 µGy / Dose Rate = 20 µGy/s
    • Minimum Exposure: Variable; depends on application and tube filtration
    • Measurement Method: Open measurement – no added filtration
    • Connectivity: Standard USB (2.0)
    • Sensor Area: 40 mm Length
    • Radiopaque center marker (Visible in test exposure)


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    23 Quart Nonius Direct Electronic X Ray Ruler video



    The QUART didoEASY meters are designed for users who emphasise high precision in dosimetric applications but do not require the performance of a full-range dosemeter package.

    QUART didoEASY meters can be used to measure parameters which are essential for service and quality assurance operations at x-ray equipment such as dose, dose rate and exposure time.

    Without the need for any pre-setting procedure, measurement results are acquired very quickly.

    The QUART didoEASY automatically compensates for most beam qualities. No further corrections or compensations are required.

    Dose: 0.2 µGy - 999 Gy (Uncertainty: ±5% @ 25-160 kV / Resolution: 0.01 nGy)
    DLP*: 0.2 µGy*cm - 999 Gy*cm (Uncertainty: ±5% @ 25-160 kV / Resolution: 0.01 nGy*cm)
    Dose Rate: 0.3 µGy/s - 1 Gy/s (Uncertainty: ±5% over full range / Resolution: 0.1 nGy/s)
    Time: 0.5 ms - 300 s (Uncertainty: ± 0,5% / Resolution: 0.1 ms)
    Pulses: 1 - 9999 (Uncertainty: ± 1 pulse)
    Pulse Rate: 0.1 - 250 pulses/s (Uncertainty: ± 0.05 pulses/s)
    Direct-HVL (didoEASY++): 0.1 – 11 mm Al (HVL output, Uncertainty: ±8% / Resolution: 0.1 mm Al); Internal filtration 0.1 – 12.5 mm Al equivalent (25-35 / 40-130 / 25-130 kV for M / R / MR detectors)
    kVp / PPV (didoEASY+): 25 – 35 kV(didoEASY+ M / MR); 50 – 130 kV (didoEASY+ R / MR) (Uncertainty: ±5% at calibrated reference points / Resolution: 0.1 kV); Exposure conditions: Mammo: Mo/Mo; HVL 0.6 – 2.2 mm Al eq., correction factors provided for further radiation qualities / R&F: HVL 1.4 – 7.0 mm Al eq.

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  • QUART Dido DTO

    QUART Dido DTO

    The QUART didoDTO software tool is used for transferring stored measurement data from dido meters into a PC system. From there, the data can be processed through Excel templates.

    QUART didoDTO is available as an optional extra for users who need a bit more flexibility than just a stand-alone meter. One license can be used on one PC for a couple of EASY / CT / MAS / SVM meters.

    General Features

    • Data export of all stored parameters to Microsoft Excel templates _ Developed for ease-of-use
    • Quick and easy server registration for end-users available 24/7

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  • QUART didoMAS

    QUART didoMAS

    The QUART didoMAS meters automatically set the range of measurement. No pre-setting is required for direct reading of mA, mAs and time parameters.

    The meters can be used throughout the complete range of radiographic equipment including fluoroscopic or mammography exposures.

    The meter is powered by a rechargeable battery. One charge is sufficient to last approximately 80 hours of continuous use.
    Recharging the meter until full takes only between 3–4 hours. A warning will appear on the display when the battery is running low.

    The QUART didoMAS has an extra-long connection cable included in delivery.

    The connection between circuit and the detector unit is polarity independent. The mA is refreshed and displayed every second.


    • mAs: 0.001 - 9999 mAs (Resolution: 0.01 mAs)
    • mA: 0.1 - 999 mA (Refresh during exposure, Maximum, Average / Resolution: 0.01 mA)
    • Time: 1.0 ms – 300 s (Uncertainty: ±1,0% / Resolution: 0.1 ms)


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  • MaVo_lux 5032B

    MaVo_lux 5032B

    The MaVo_lux 5032B light and luminance meter was developed specifically for medical application.

    It features luminance and illumination measurement in a single device. Light measurement is performed in Class B mode.

    Technical specifications

    • Distance and proximity/contact measurement: 0.1 cd/m² - 1 999 990 cd/m² or 0.01 fL - 199 900 fLlx: 0.01 lx - 199 990 lx (Uncertainty +/- 3 %)
    • Data memory for storing up to 1000 single measuring values
    • Data handling for PC via USB Port enabled
    • Standard software included
    • Weight: 200 g (w/o battery)

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  • QUART SP_digi

    QUART SP_digi

    For quality control on x-ray equipment with digital storage screen (CR) or CCD image detectors (DR).
    It does not contain planar grid structures, for a better detection of artifacts.

    Complies with DIN 6868-13, -58 and -150 as well as IEC 61223-3-1 and -2-11.

    Technical specifications

    • Enhanced phantom format: 330 x 330 cm
    • Design approach: Simplified design for precise artefact detection
    • Dynamic step wedge: 7 Steps; thickness 0 – 2.3 mm
    • Signal normalisation: Homogeneous area in the phantom center, 10 x 10 cm
    • High-contrast resolution: Line Pair Bar Pattern (Type 38 / Pb 0.05 mm / 45°)
    • Low-contrast resolution: 6 Test objects (Aluminium discs; 0.1 – 0.7 mm)
    • X-ray field alignment: Field size markings for all major fields-of-view
    • Center: cross-marker, also visible when QUART ZTB beam alignment tool is in use
    • Vertical positioning: Wire mount system available for tests of wall-mounted units.
    • Size: 330 x 330 x 10 mm (L x W x H)


    • Spatial Resolution
    • Low-Contrast Resolution
    • Radiation Field Alignment
    • Image Homogeneity
    • Signal Normalisation

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  • QUART dent/digitest 2.1

    QUART dent/digitest 2.1

    The QUART dent/digitest line of phantoms is designed to be used for QA/QC acceptance and routine testing in digital dental x-ray applications ranging from intra-oral, panoramic and cephalometric equipment.

    The phantoms comply with IEC 61223-3-4 and IEC 61223-2-7, DIN 6868-151 and DIN 6868-5 as well as IPEM, ÖNORM, PNEN standards and AFSSAPS regulations.

    Technical specifications

    • Internal Filtration: 6.0 mm standard compliant aluminium filtration
    • Low-contrast Resolution: 4 objects (Ø 2.5/2/1.5/1 mm)
    • High-Contrast Resolution: Line pair bar pattern (2.5/2.8/3.1/5.0/5.8/6.3 Lp/mm; 0.05 Pb / 45°)
    • Slots: for digital storage screen, intra-oral sensor, dose detector
    • Center: 3 centring rings to fit variety of tube diameters
    • Size: 80 x 80 x 3.6 mm (L x W x H)


    • Spatial Resolution
    • Low Contrast Resolution
    • Radiation Field Alignment
    • Image Homogeneity
    • Dose Equivalent
    • Artefacts, Image Flaws, etc.


    QUART den digitest 2 1 2

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  • QUART RAD Focal Spot

    QUART RAD Focal Spot

    The QUART Pinhole Cameras are test tools designed to be used in conventional as well as digital radiography & fluoroscopy x-ray applications for precise focal spot assessment.

    The tools are designed to precisely measure both length and width of the effective focal spot size of x-ray equipment projected down the central ray in the x-ray field.

    Technical specifications

    • Dimension: 176 x 169 mm, marked pinhole area
    • Can also be used with a light visor adapter (see art. 13240)
    • Thickness: 3.1 mm
    • Pinhole Mask: Metal foil w/ bead pattern
    • Covered by 2 protective layers
    • Details: Can be inserted into the light visor rails on the tube head
    • Fits every major brand‘s equipment, 2 insert options

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  • X-Ray Ruler

    X-Ray Ruler

    Set of 440 mm "0" center cross-shaped rulers on a center aluminum pin.

    The center is designed to easily read all 20 graduations in all directions from the center, with no graduation overlap.

    The base ruler has a built-in stabilizer with clear rubber feet to keep its position on the image receptor.

    A set of lines on the base helps the user quickly align the rulers at 90° to each other.

    Technical specifications

    • Length: 440 mm (-22.0 cm | + 22.0 cm)
    • Graduation: 1 mm
    • Box included

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  • QUART mam/digi EPQC

    QUART mam/digi EPQC

    The QUART mam/digi EPQC phantom is designed to be used as a universal tool for QA/QC routine testing in Digital and Analog Mammography. Due to its concept, the phantom creates a link between technical and clinical image quality. It can also be used as QA tool for Digital Tomosynthesis.

    Unique in its kind, for the first time the QUART mam/digi phantom incorporates so-called Landolt Ring Structures. Similar to the gold structures of the CDMAM phantom, the Landolt structures are meant to verify low contrast and perceptibility limits. However, the Landolt objects are developed to compare better to the morphology of micro calcifications than any other available structure within current mammography QA/QC phantoms.

    Only one exposure is required to collect all necessary parameters to determine the imaging quality of the x-ray system. After the exposure, the image can be visually checked or automatically evaluated through the unique QUART MammoPro software module.

    Technical specifications

    • Step wedge: 12 physical steps 5 – 40 mm PMMA
    • Additional 3 Aluminum step-wedge (step 10-12)
    • Micro-calcification strip creates a step wedge with a total of 24 steps
    • Contrast details: 72 Landolt Cs, Group of 6 on each step
    • Low-contrast: Row of low-contrast numbers on step 1 - 12
    • Nyquist frequency/MTF: Line spread function test object
    • Field alignment: 2 rows of radiopaque spheres to check field alignment at thorax side
    • Detector slot: Dosimeter slot for reproducible dose measurements
    • Insert area: For additional test inserts (e.g. Ghosting / artifacts)
    • Size: 240 x 180 x 46 mm (L x W x H)



  • QUART didoNEO R

    QUART didoNEO R

    X-Ray Multi-Meter for Service and QA in R&F and Dental

    The QUART didoNEO line of meters introduce a new approach to the market of diagnostic x-ray measurement:

    • The system features the lightest multi-functional base unit
    • didoNEO sports the smallest and thinnest multi-parameter detector available
    • The user can access a waveform preview on the unit’s display in the field – without the need to access a PC or laptop
    • Up to 10.000 exposures are stored in the memory for future reference or reporting


    • The compact detector design enables measurements at locations with limited space, for instance behind scatter radiation grids to determine the equipment attenuation factor. The small size also has a very low influence on fluoroscopy AEC.
    • The detector can be easily and efficiently positioned at dental panoramic x-ray equipment.
    • Direct-HVL and Total Filtration measurement are integrated and calibrated.




    Digital Subtraction Angiography QA Test Phantom

    The QUART DSA phantom is designed for maximum precision in QA/QC of Digital Subtraction Angiography equipment.

    The QUART DSA phantom was designed to obtain maximum accuracy in QA/QC of Digital Subtraction Angiography equipment by simulating the Contrast injection process.

    With a Type B sliding design, it allows longitudinal sliding technique to minimize structural motion artifacts in the test image. Through this method it is possible to maximize the performance of the QA/QC, compared to other phantoms available in the market that are more susceptible to exceed the limits of artifacts caused by forced transverse movements.

    After simulating the injection process, the QUART DSA immediately reveals the lateral borders of the contrast wedge. The low contrast steps are clearly visible and can be well defined in the test image.

                                                             DSA grupo


  • CompFor MTS

    CompFor MTS

    The CompFor MTS is a set of equipment necessary to verify the compression force of the Mammographs, being supplied for this purpose, a foam cube with predefined size and density, electronic scale and measuring tape.

    The compression force of mammography systems must be measured regularly in both automatic and manual modes to ensure accuracy and reliability. The recommended compression force can be checked, as well as the maximum force, which must not be exceeded.

    Depending on the size of the Mammography platform, the most appropriately sized compressor should be used.


    Option L

    • Scales: Dimension 320 x 300 x 60 mm
    • Platform size: 320 x 260 mm
    • Range: 0 - 490 N (or 0 - 50 kg)
    • Resolution: 0.2 N (or 20 g)
    • Unit: kg

    Option S

    • Scales: Dimensions 228 x 205 x 71 mm
    • Platform Size: 203 x 160 mm
    • Range: 0 - 245 N (or 0 - 25 kg)
    • Resolution: 0.1 N (or 10 g)
    • Units: kg / lb / oz / lb:oz

    compfor mts S L


  • Digmam 162

    Digmam 162

    Testphantom for acceptance test of digital mammography equipment according to DIN 6868/162.

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  • CD-Gam 1

    CD-Gam 1

    Easy-to-use measurement device, via Geiger-Muller-counter, for immediately detection of ionizing radiation (alpha-, beta-, gamma- and X-ray-radiation).

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  • Alpha Plus

    Alpha Plus

    Measurement device with LCD, serial interface and plug-in for different detectors.
    For the constancy test of all analog and digital X-ray-equipment (direct radiography, fluoroscopy techniques, dental-X-ray and mammography).
    Display of dose, dose rate and exposure time.

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  • “Finger”-Sensor


    Fits the “ALPHAplus” for the constancy test of digital X-ray-equipment (directradiography and fluoroscopy; not for dental or mammography).
    Because of its shape the sensor is suitable for insertion into the patientequivalentfilter for use with near-the-tube measurements as well as an external sensor.

    Energy range: 50kV – 155kV
    Effective dose range: 0,1mGy/s – 500mGy/s

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  • Mammo-Sensor


    Fits the “ALPHAplus” for the constancy test of all analog or digital mammography X-ray equipment.

    Energy range: 24kV – 40kV
    Effective dose range: 0,1mGy/s – 500mGy/s

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  • Sensor in Absorption Filter

    Sensor in Absorption Filter

    Fits the “ALPHAplus” for the constancy test of all analog X-ray equipment and analog and digital fluoroscopic techniques.
    Not for digital radiography or mammography X-ray equipment!
    The sensor is located above the patient-equivalentfilter (25mm Al) under the insertion plate.

    Energy range: 50kV – 155kV
    Effective dose range: 0,1mGy/s – 500mGy/s

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  • Fluorad 150

    Fluorad 150

    Testphantom for acceptance testing of X-ray exposure and fluoroscopy equipment (acc. to DIN 6868/150).
    With the “Fluorad 150” testphantom it is possible to measure the following parameters:
    – Dynamic Range
    – Contrast Resol.
    – Spatial Resolution
    – Beam Quality
    – Homogeneity

    Dimensions: 300mm*300mm*18.5mm

    The copper plate within the details is bedded in acrylglass plates.
    The acrylglass is white, so that the light beam can be better seen under spotlight conditions.
    The structures are painted on both sides of the testphantom.

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    Testphantom per German standard (DIN 6868/13) for constancy tests of digital radiography equipment (e.g. storage phosphor or full digital).

    With “DIGRAD A+K” you are able to measure all parameters required by above standard:
    – dynamic range
    – contrast resolution
    – homogeneity
    – spatial resolution
    – position and size of the effective radiation field

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  • Absorption Filter

    Absorption Filter

    25 mm aluminum filter w/ insertion frame for mounting near X-Ray tube.
    Also available with insertable dose-detector.

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