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Daily QA

  • QA BeamChecker Plus

    QA BeamChecker Plus

    Standard Imaging's expertise in ion chambers, phantoms and electrometers is the foundation for the innovative QA BeamChecker Plus. Integrated build up and automatic energy detection allows the QA BeamChecker Plus to operate independently from its QA management software without the use of wires or cables. Radiation Therapists do not need to enter the vault between energies, allowing for fast, intuitive morning QA in up to 9 treatment rooms.

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  • QA Pilot

    QA Pilot

    QA Pilot’s cloud-based platform gives you access to your QA without manual spreadsheets or multiple programs. Data from the QA BeamChecker Plus is automatically uploaded to your daily file for each machine.

    • TG-142 Streamlined
      Access and manage all of your QA reporting in real time from one secure, unified location anywhere internet is available. Collect, compare, report, analyze and share data from a number of linacs, systems and users on any web-capable device.
      Also compatible with TomoTherapy, CyberKnife and Gamma Knife.

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    8 QA Pilot with PIPSpro AutoPilot video

  • MIMI Phantom

    MIMI Phantom

    Five bone equivalent rods intersect at 90 degree angles. These rods are visible in any image or slice for automatic registration of 2D/2D and 3D/3D matching and verification of isocenter position. This functionality slashes the minutes required for daily alignment and positioning QA tests.

    • HexaCheck
      Designed exclusively for the MIMI phantom, the HexaCheck allows secure integration with the MIMI Phantom making it easy to perform 6D couch commissioning and QA.

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